Way to circumvent sprite sheeting in some cases

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  • Hi guys.

    I just bought Construct 3 and am trying to migrate my massive project to it from C2. I'm using a rex plugin called TagText. It's a great plugin and there is a converted version for C3. The issue is that when you insert an image and then call it in the text, it's not the single image that appears but a whole sprite sheet.

    For example if I create a new project and use the plug in, and have only one sprite which I then define as a tag...when calling it in a tag text object it appears to be fine. However, if I insert a second different image in the project, just create it without defining a tag with it, nothing at all, when I call the same Tag of the previous image in the text, both images appear because they are clustered on a single sprite sheet.

    Now I asked Rex about this issue but he said he is no longer supporting these plugins as he's left Scirra. And I don't know how to code to fix it so I wonder, is there a way to opt out sprites from being clustered in sprite sheets. No other solution comes to mind.

    Any ideas?

  • For c2, use Rex's plugins. For C3, it is an upcoming feature built in to the new runtime, which should be on its way soon. As they were able to run benchmarks on it, it should at least be in a semi usable state already.


    https://www.scirra.com/blog/224/announc ... -3-runtime

  • A new feature alternative to what Tag Text does? Ha, cool, I didn't know that - thanks for the heads up!

    Well I guess I'll wait, this sounds pretty cool.


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  • Actually is there anyplace I can see this and other features that are being planned as I had no idea that this was planned.


    EDIT: Oh never-mind, i saw

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