How do I chop a tree down in stages?

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  • I am trying to chop a tree down in stages, so the player must chop it 3 times for it to fully fall over. Currently, the animations keep repeating as long as they overlap my Attack Box. When I add 'Trigger Once' then nothing happens at all. Can anyone see if there is something wrong with my events?


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  • Hi Bungalow

    Just reading your post over but one thing that jumped out is you can disable and enable collisions pretty easily. It would get around the problem but if you want to post a link to your file I'll happily take a look at it. :)

    I had a problem like this on my game where a barrier was slowly destroyed by aliens. The problem was that the collision was happening again and again.

    It was caused by different animations having different polygon collision shapes. Have you checked those?


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