How do I check overlapping did not happen in a condition ?

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  • Hi, I'm building a ball shoot game, it has the same logic as archery. by the bullet behavior enabled, the ball continues to get smaller while it's greater than 0.40. and scores goal when it's overlapping the targeted point while his size is between 0.4 and 0.35.

    my question, how to detect that the ball failed to overlap the targeted point between 0.4 and 0.35 of his size.

    thanks in adavance.

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  • Didn't quite understand the gameplay description but you can right-click invert the overlapping check so it becomes 'is NOT overlapping' an object, does that work well enough here?

  • Thank you, Dear . so appreciated for the reply :)

    so my game is about a fooball shoot, the ball loses 0.02 of his size every tick while its size is greater than 0.4*ballSize on his way to the goal, when the ball became small and his size is < 0.4*ballSize and it is overlapping the goal then it got score, you can say it's perhaps similar to the basketball game on messenger.

    finally I found a sollution, I added a sprite "checkGoal" visible (transparent) on the bottom of Z behind the goal, I made the goal score is when the 0.35 < ball size is < 0.4 and * size and overlapping the goal if true add action to make the "checkGoal" invisible, else if "checkGoal" visible and overlapped by the ball then it's a failed shoot.

    Thank you dear :), i wish that this can help someone else ;)

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