How do I make check & fix multiple ground sprite collision points?

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  • Hi, I am pretty new to Construct and on beginner level. I made a game layout using multiple ground sprites to make one long ground platform game. However I am having a problem where sometimes when I preview the game, the player gets stuck if walking forward, as it crosses from one sprite to another. It seems as the player goes to the next ground sprite, the collision polygon is a tiny bit above the player feet level. My ground sprites top are are bumpy with rocks and grass, so my collision polygon top area for each sprite is pretty different and some of the image outerbox size is different too.

    I have set all my ground sprites top collision points areas a bit down so that it the player will look like it is walking on the grass. But my polygon collission points difference is causing my player to still get stuck sometimes when walking to the next ground sprite. I need a way to align them properly. I tried to play with the Image point and set layer to bound to grid, but that did not work since the sprite image height is a bit different as well.

    Any way to see a grid that shows if my collision points are aligned from one ground sprite to another? Or for it to auto-adjust the height based on top left-right collision end points? Any other options?

  • I normally would create a long solid object to act as "ground" and then place the scenery on top of that to avoid all those seems to get stuck on. (so collisions turned off on the scenery)

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  • Great solution. Thanks!

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