How do I check if advanced Audio is supported?

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  • Hi,

    where can I find this condition, as in the sample "Positioned Audio"?

    Thank you! :-)

  • It should be in the basic if statement area.

    My C3 isn't showing it either.

    This could be a new glitch or it was intentionally removed...

    I wonder if anyone has any insight into this?

    from documentation

    Audio Conditions

    Advanced audio supported

    If true, the current browser supports all the features in the Advanced categories of the Audio object. If false, none of these features will have any effect on playback. Advanced audio depends on the Web Audio API, which all modern browsers support.

    Is any playing

    True if any audio is currently playing.

    Is silent

    True if the object has been set in to silent mode using the Set silent action.

    Is tag playing

    True if any audio with a given tag is currently playing.

    On ended

    Triggered when a sound with a given tag finishes playing. This is not triggered for looping sounds.

    Preloads complete

    True when all audio preloaded with one of the preload actions has finished loading.

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  • It's there only for C2 compatibility. It's been deprecated. The examples were supposed to be updated though.

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