How do I make my character skid when he is sprinting.

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  • I need help making my character skid when he is sprinting in one direction and then he moves in another

    like here


  • You will want to implement some basic velocity and acceleration physics. Rather than letting the character move at a set speed when you press a key, have a variable called velX and velY for the character. Tell your character to move velX distance left/right every tick, and velY distance up/down every tick. When you press up, increase the vely by a little every tick, and when you press down, decrease it by a little every tick. Same for left and right on velX. Then lower both velocities by about 10% every tick to get natural deacceleration. This will make him slid around, and accelerate smoothly.


    you can multiply the acceleration numbers by a speed variable to change how fast he is.

    Tweak the numbers how you see fit.

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  • If you're using the platformer

    set running to when key pressed on the floor

    set skidding to when is moving but not pressing the key on the floor

  • Hello again sorry for not replying for so long didn't know if this was going to work but I just tried it and it works kind of, he gains speed when he is right but when he is left it decreases so I don't understand how he will skid you weren't really clear where I should put the self. and the other things, I'm sorry I haven't replied for so long ill try again thank you for helping though Haypers.

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