How do I get my character to jump in the middle of the running animation?

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  • Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to get the dog in my auto side scroller to jump. Veeery basic I know.

    I've gotten it to jump but not consistently. When I try to jump in certain sequences of the running animation (feels like frame 3 or 4 out of 8) the on key pressed just doesn't trigger.

    Has anyone else had the same experience?

    I would be super grateful if someone could please point me in the right direction to solve this. Or to explain why it works like that.

    Stripped down game file to be found here:

    Thank you!


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  • I can point you in the right direction but I am no artist. The collision box on the object should be a box really and not the shape it has now. But adjusting that also doesn't fix it i think because the frames are different sizes and the origin point moves about so it gets stuck in the floor. You can adjust these in the image editor but I think the problem may be back at image export in the external program. Usually an artist makes a sprite sheet where the frames are the same height and the middle of the object is always at the same point so it's not moving up and down on screen while playing an idle animation.

  • Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction!

    I tried to export the dog as a strip with transparent background and got the same issue but when I exported it with a background it worked.

    So I guess I will try to go about it by creating a transparent container and pin the sprite with transparent background to it.

    Fingers crossed it will work!

  • Aaaand it worked!


    Thank you so much! :)

  • Great :)

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