How can I make the character jump with the angle of the downhill?

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  • I have a character that "slides" a downhill the entire level. I just have one control over the character that is jump.

    Well, when he jumps, he jumps straith up. Well, I want him to jump in the angle of the slide. I'm really new to construct, do you guys have any tips of how to do it? I'm using the physics and plataform behavior.

  • May be you can look about "set angle". Try to set your character angle when jump.

    Well.. It depends on your character movement type, is it using bullet behavior ? a platformer behavior? or may be physics behavior with force/impulse, etc.

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  • I use plataform behavior and physics behavior. MAybe I need to choose one? When I jump (up arrow) the character jumps up and not in the angle he is sliding. I'll search some example of impulse and also, post some screens here to ilustrate what I'm trying to archive. Thanks in advance.

  • I used a physics behavior, I excluded the plataform behavior and started to work only with physics and using impulse it worked well! :)

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