How do I make a character go INTO the background?

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  • Two versions of my question, 1 long and 1 TL;DR:

    Ok you guys have been AMAZING so far. My game is coming along so well and I'm so grateful to you guys (like legit, I'm probably gonna throw out a special thanks to the Construct 3 Help Forum in the credits). So I've got another question I'm hoping you guys can help with---

    My game is a 2d / 2.5d (I'd prefer 2.5d but I understand that's a little more advanced) adventure/exploration game. Unity (which I tried and is NOT my jam) has an asset called "Adventure Creator" that runs about $70 and something like that would be SO helpful for my game here. SO my question is, is there something similar to that for Construct 3, or is it possible that I could use "Adventure Creator" and then import what I've got there into Construct 3?

    If it helps at all, here's a quick overview of what I'm trying to do:

    Player starts in World 1, but there are 6 Worlds total. Player can travel among them, with some limitations. Player must go through the different Worlds to collect different items and keys to unlock items in other Worlds. Once Player "successfully completes" all 6 Worlds, they are taken to a final World. If the entire game is completed to 100%, Player gets optimal ending. Otherwise, there are two other potential endings depending on choices Player made throughout the game.

    I've got a detailed outline of all the Worlds, Items, etc (and drawing them isn't a problem, I work as an artist), but I don't want it to be a top-down game, and I'd prefer if it wasn't just a plain platformer. I'd like the Player to be able to into the layer, for lack of a better word, rather than just side to side across it.


    I want the game to provide depth within which to move my third person character rather than solely side to side platformer/side scroller. Help plz.

  • If I Understand you correctly you have 2 options, you can either move between the layers, you can also use the new Z-Elevation for some cool depth effects.

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  • Maybe I need to ask my question in a better way, or I don't quite understand your answer. I am trying to figure out what allows a player to walk through the scenes.... like in the example below. Obviously, my game is nowhere near that complex! But just generally speaking, being able to move a third person character around in that manner. I did the whole tutorial for a platformer initially to help me learn basics, but that only really taught me how to put down a pathway that allowed my character to cross from side to side. I'd rather have movements like this. Thank you!

  • hiya, that is full 3D not 2.5D. For that kind of game you will need to use another product/engine. Construct is highly flexible but it's for making 2D games!

  • Right, I know Fable II is a 3d game. I'm looking to "fake" a 3d game. I know it won't look quite the same, but I couldn't think of another game off the top of my head that fit what I was trying to describe. I have 2d drawings of all of my backgrounds, and I have my characters set in sprite sheet form so that they can look like they are walking away from me. I guess, after more research, my question is: does the character actually move? Or when the player uses the controller, will that just move the background, causing it to zoom in and out and around while the character plays its walking animations? Or is there a better way?

  • Well when I think of 2.5d i think of isometric games like RTS, Rollercoaster Tycoon etc where it's faking 3D at an angled perspective. So you could for example make something like Theme Hospital where it shows depth, do you mean a game like this?

    If you mean front-facing a platformer that contains 3D objects then you can use the z-elevation or your own effects as mentioned in that post above. I'm no artist but I'd say you could probably fake it with scaling of objects to give that effect.

    To answer your question, yeah the player character would move, there is something called parallax where some layers scroll more slowly and can give that 3D effect. You could probably fake walking into a background by scaling the player and having a layer of objects in front of the player. I'm not an artist so I've not tried any of this but it might be possible to do what you want.

  • Ok yeah so we're getting close to what I'm trying to ask! So let's say it's front-facing platformer, and the player is watching the character from behind- The player can move forward into the area, to the sides, and return back (facing the player) to explore. How would I position the platforms to allow the character to walk if I did that?

  • It's just a layer or z-order thing, if I'm imagining it correctly. If you want the player to go behind environments objects then you move the player to a layer that is below the environment objects or have them on the same layer and set the player to the bottom of the layer (z-order) so it is below the objects. Then when you want the player to appear in front of the objects you move the player to a layer above or to the top of the z-order on the layer. You can test this with an event like, keyboard press a key, move player to bottom of layer and press another key move player to top of layer.

  • I'll give that a shot. Thank you!!

  • This is an INCREDIBLY CLUNKY example, but basically I used an animated sprite for the background and an animated sprite I found quickly online for the player. I believe if I do animated sprites going in each direction for the map plus confirm that my character has drawings allowing her to go different directions, this will work. Also the reason I stop and go in the video is because I was trying to show her stopping within various rings as foreground/background.

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