How do I get my character to follow a way point path like pacman?

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  • How do I get my character to follow a way point path like pacman?

  • Hi, if you are looking at something like pacman, there is a Eat 'm All template that you can use. This template uses a tiled behavior.

    However, I am lost when you say way-point. Could you further evaluate on what you mean?

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  • There's a Pacman template with Construct 3 called Eat 'em all

  • ReallyBasic yes the original pacman used nodes and waypoints to move. pacman was on a track that had forks in the road that would lead to different nodes/waypoints. so pacman didnt react to the walls when it came to moving he reacted to the track that he was on. I was wondering if there is a way you can do that in construct 3.

  • Well, you could probably use the tween behavior and a series of invisible objects. However, in order to do that, you might need someone with a little bit more experience with the tween behavior than me. Sorry I can't help more.

    Also, depending on the type of game you are making, you could make the Eat 'm All template work, if you stored a direction variable and made the player follow that direction until otherwise specified by the player.

    Good luck!

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