Changing gun bullet types?

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  • Sorta new to construct here and I am trying to implement a bullet cycle. I have a single gun that I want to have different ability's depending on which ability is selected ("Arrow Keys") or ("D-Pad"). There will be 4 ability's in total. How would I go about changing a bullet type with a press of a button?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance

  • You could have a global variable number and add 1 to it when you press right, subtract 1 when you press left presumably. Then in other events you have conditions GV=1 - set ability 1, GV=2 set ability 2 etc. If you have bullets shown in game, based on GV you can set the animation of the bullet and damage stats etc.

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  • Thanks for the reply. How would I go about changing the ability's being that not all have bullet behavior? the idea was to have 4 different weapon types with the different ability's ("Change fall Speed" And "Shoot" etc. to cycle through the weapons with an array all with different sprites. now have decided to use 1 weapon sprite with different ability's and different ability sprites attached to the main weapon depending on which ability is active. sorry if I'm not making much sense on this I would attach the project if I had anything relevant to go off of.

  • The answer to the question is the same as above. If the global variable is a certain value then you set certain sprites on the weapon or do anything you need to do for the weapon to use that ability.

  • Awesome that did it!!! I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for help.

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