How do i change sampling (nearest/bilinear) for specific images?

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  • I'd like to change the sampling type for SPECIFIC objects only (not for the whole project).

    In my game some of the images are pixelated so they do not require any sampling at all.

    However, some pictures are full hd and they require sampling.

    Let's say i want to put that chopper in my game.

    It's nice and clean but only inside image editor.

    On the canvas it looks like this

    Again, changing sampling for the whole project is not an option since i have some objects that require other type of sampling (such as these stars that you see on the last screenshot)

    Thank you in advance!

  • I know that i can just upscale the image before uploading it in construct. But i want to keep the initial image scale as small as possible

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  • There's an effect for that, you can buy it from and support trans rights

  • The image compression in C3 is supposed to be very efficient (according to Ashley's article below) so if you use a full-scale sprite for development you may not necessarily be wasting space once it's compressed for distribution. You could make test projects with small sprites in one and full-size sprites in another and see what the difference is after export.

    This is from section 3, "IMAGE RECOMPRESSION"

    "It's also able to losslessly palette-reduce 32-bit PNGs to 8-bit PNGs when the image has 256 colors or fewer, resulting in a much smaller file size, which is particularly effective for art styles which don't use many colors, like retro style pixel art." (emphasis added)

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