How to change properties of a pinned object?

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  • My character is made out of multiple sprites - e.g arms, legs, head...

    So, in order for these assets to stay togheter, I need to Pin the Family to the Player Family - otherwise they all fall to the ground when Gravity is enabled.

    I want to animate my character using the Timeline, otherwise you couldt customize the character if it was just one sprite.

    However, because of the pin behavior the Timeline "Set X/Y" arent working.

    Is there a way to Pin the Player Family togheter but let Timeline animations still work? In Godot, Families always stay togheter and you can change the positions of the sprites relative to the families position, is there a way to do that here?

  • Take a look at hierarchies - see Skeleton template in C3.

    Also, is this a Physics game? You can't use Pin or hierarchy connections with phyiscs objects, it won't work. You need to connect body parts with physics joints.

  • Thanks for your reply! Actually, I am using the Plattformer behavior… So could I just set the Gravity to 0, then use physics for the gravity and join points together?

  • No, don't add physics.

    You only need one object with Platform behavior, ideally it should be an invisible rectangular sprite, you can call it PlayerBase. Then you attach the body to PlayerBase with Pin or hierarchy, and other body parts (arms, legs) to the body. Don't add Plaform behavior to them.

  • Okay good. Pin doesnt work, because then the keyframes dont work anymore. I would need something that works with animation, so it moves the children relative to its own position. I will try hierarchy :)

  • Take a look at the Spriter addon, I guess this is what you really need:

  • Thank you so much! This is exactly what I need, I was looking for such an addon bug couldnt find one.

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  • To sum things up before closing this thread …

    First of all, dop2000 is a Genius and second, while Spriter is pretty neat, Animating using the timeline is enough for me and using the Skeleton c3p I was able to figure the hierarchy out and made every sprite of my player a child of a PlayerControl Sprite, which has the Plattformer Behavior.

    Now, my timeline animations work well and my player is moving fine. The only downside to this is that collisions now dont work that well, which is not a problem for me in particular but might be an issue for others. Maybe there is an other method to use in order to make collisions work better…

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