How do I change player with familly?

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  • hello so, im trying to change main player with platform behevia but in familly, i have created familly with platform behevia and shadow i have used everywhere familly

    familly with platform behevia and shadow with this familly have 2 players which they have the same animations (idle,jump,shoot etc...) i have global variable so if 1 create player1

    if 2 create player2

    both in same familly to have ability platform, when i create player1 which game was making from beggining is all good no problem but when switch to player2 he can move flat loor no jump and also no animation walk animation start runnin when i collect power item which changing animation to run.

    my idea was to use familly as much as i can so it easier edditing in future.

    any idea how to fix this problem everything looks working except jump and animation for player2

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  • thank you for them who stop here all sorted everything is working :)

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