How do I change the order tab works in?

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  • I have multiple text inputs spread across multiple layers, only one layer is visible at any one time.!Am3CPIM7woZ9i40FKOMzUQ1gVGBunw?e=arBiee

    I want to be able to press tab, and it'll take me to the most logical textinput.

    At the moment, Construct 3, in all its wisdom, does it in the order in which the textinput was created, ignoring the fact that sometimes we change our minds later in production.

    In any case, after reading these forums, I thought I read that it was possible to set it based on the Z index of an object, but I've used the "sort z order" action, and that's not worked.

    Does anyone know why we can't adjust the z index of these items?

    Also, while I'm at it, why do these items always appear above the other objects, such as sprites?

    I once used a plugin in Construct 2 where I could display an iframe behind sprites by setting it's z index to -1.

    So yeah, what are my options for fixing this tab issue, beyond recreating all of these textinputs?

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  • You can set "tabindex" attribute to form objects. Here is an example:

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