How do I Change one sprite into another sprite?

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  • I want to change one sprite into another, for example: Player presses G, spriteA(the player) becomes spriteB(still the player but with a different look of course).

    I have tried with functions but there doesnt seem to be an option for this specific thing.


  • neku

    there are lots of ways to do it... you could make the player sprite have different animations for the different looks. Then you just have to change the animation.

    or you can have an invisible player sprite that has all the behavoirs and then pin what ever sprite you want on top of that.

  • I like your ideas :D. And Implemented them to an extent. But I am concerned, is it healthy (game performance wise) to have one sprite with 300 different animations ( not an exaggeration ).

    Thank you.

  • neku

    300 is a lot of animations for one object, and could cause memory issues because all those animations would be loaded available all the time.

    if you only need certain sets of animations available for certain levels you might want to group the animations needed by the levels they are need on. Or have some base animations and pin accessories on top to minimize the number of animations you need.

    You might want to look at Spriter. it allows you to create basic animations and then use character maps to build up all the different combinations you need - and would be a lot easier to manage!

  • Thank you for the idea again !! Yes I will restrict the amount of animations depending on level.

    I looked up spriter, and quite liked it, but no run times for Construct 3, you heard anything about that.

    Again thank you for your time :D.

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  • neku

    there is a thread for Spriter on the C3 General Discussion board, and there is a version in the works for C3 that is usable now (although still in beta from the sounds of it).

  • Got it, my bad just saw it.

  • *fake Jersey accent from goodfellas*

    I played soccer, football, baseball, boxing, mma, mountain biking for +25ish years. Oh and I read that one book with the pictures. :D

    I don't have 300 Animations.

    Comon *hand gesture* :)

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