How do I change default vars to objects throughout all layouts?

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  • Hey guys.

    Basically speaking, before I could change the default vars (in the editor) to objects already placed in multiple layouts by selecting the object from the object list. Now It says no instances and all changes I do concern only the one layout. Any other way to change the default values to these vars (for objects already placed) other than using events on layout start?

    Thanks and cheers

  • Update from r135:

    "Selecting objects in the Project Bar with no instances in the current Layout View no longer selects instances from across the whole project (avoids unexpected results changing properties in this case)".

    I'm talking about a workaround of this update. I know I can set default values to various objects...but lets say I have 100 layouts and suddenly need to change the values of all of them (read different defaults of Family vars between separate family objects - The torch has 5 strength of light(family var) while the lamp has only three.


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  • Update from 135.2

    Project Bar: 'Select all in project' option, to edit properties for all instances in project

    OK, disregard :).

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