Change default behaviors for families on creation

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  • I am using the family behavior "Fade" and everything works just fine when I already have an instance of the object on the screen on the start of layout. BUT if I create an object that is NOT already on the screen, it defaults to the standard fade behavior which is

    Start time 0

    Fade time 0

    Fade out 0

    Enabled True

    Destroy True

    What I would like to do, it to just not have this enabled by default so that I can tell the object when and how to fade in on creation.

    It seems like I was successfully able to do this in a past project, but maybe that's because I already had an instance on the board.

    Is there no way to change this default behavior for a family without having one on the screen?

    I could workaround this by putting one on the screen and deleting it on start (I'm using this particular object's position so I can't have it just stay outside of the layout), BUT I was hoping for an easier option to just uncheck that family behavior by default on creation.

    I also didn't see any "set enabled" option for FADE.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  • You can create a separate layout and call it something like ObjectRepository or ObjectDump and place an instance on there.

    you don't ever have to switch to that layout or use it in any other way. Just having an instance that exists allows you to set the default settings you would like to have set.

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  • Thanks AllanR, that's a good solution. I'll give it a shot.

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