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  • All of the enemies are supposed to flash red and blue, as shown in the picture

    However, only one of them seems to do it, even if I use the For Each Obj event.

    Any help?

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  • You are probably picking one enemy in this event. Try adding "System pick all". For example:

    Bullet on collision with Enemy
    	System pick all Enemy 
    		Enemy Flash...

    If this doesn't help, please post your code.

  • sorry. The "bullets" are actually particles, I should have been more clear.

  • What event should I look at? Please explain the problem.

    Your game doesn't work for me, there is nothing but black screen. And it shows this error in browser console:

    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property '_GetLastCachedZIndex' of null

  • events 28 - 34, as well as 44.

    All of the enemies are supposed to flash red and blue slowly for 2 seconds, then quickly for another 2 seconds, then loop (no matter what)

    as for the game being a black screen, I am just as clueless. It doesn't work on my end either

  • ok here is working cp3

    now it seems that most of the enemies are flashing, but only slowly or never. I would like them to flash slowly and quickly.

  • Should each enemy flash separately from others? Or all enemies flash at once, synchronized?

    If each enemy has its own flash cycle, then the easiest solution would be creating a single animation RED-BLUE-RED-BLUE-red-blue-red-blue-red-blue-red-blue, and loop it. Set speed=2 for the first four frames and speed=4 for remaining frames. No events will be required.

    To get the current color use AnimationFrame%2 expression, if result=0, it's red, if result=1, it's blue.

    Or you can make an animation with two frames RED-BLUE, looping, and run a timer for 2 seconds on each enemy. On timer change speed of the animation (make it faster or slower).


    If all enemies should flash simultaneously (synchronized), then you can do this with global variables. Add a global variable CurrentColor (may be "red" or "blue"), set animation to this variable for all enemies, and also when a new enemy is created. Every 0.5 or 0.25 seconds toggle the value. Every 2 seconds toggle the speed.

  • Thank you that makes a lot more sense.

    I do want all of the enemies to flash separately.

    Also, I'm assuming % is mod?

  • Yes, % is modulo operator.

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