How do I change browser?

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  • I'm returning to Construct, it's just too nice to work with compared to other languages. Even after being away for a year or two, I can put together a mini-game in 5 minutes (using graphics from previous projects of course).

    Anyhoo, I'm having a minor prob in C3. Firstly, I see the jerking that's always cursed me on Construct. The sprites just aren't silky-smooth as they should be, considering there's just 1 sprite moving slowly down the screen with bullet behaviour. I'm sure this happened before in C2 and I think it's happened in other languages. It's not my PC, it's fine and smoooth in games, I have a 1080ti. It should definitely handle 1 sprite :)

    And to the main topic, how do I change the browser I'm using for preview? By default I'm using the Brave browser but I know Construct prefers Chrome (or used to at least). I have Chrome on the PC but I don't know how to make C3 kick off in Chrome. Maybe that will fix the jerkiness.

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  • To change the browser you use Construct 3 with that browser and then preview.

  • Hmmm yeah, that makes sense. Load in with Chrome and it uses Chrome. Doh, lol, thanks.

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