Change animation on sprite.UID in foreach

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  • Hi

    Can anyone tell me, why I can't change the animation on a sprite.UID in a foreach-loop?

    For each sprite order by sprite.UID ascending

    If sprite.UID = 1 then

    sprite.animation = "Something"

    text.text = "This is written"

    The sprite animation doesn't change, but the text is written.. Why?

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  • My guess is that if the text worked then the animation change worked but you have code elsewhere that overrides the animation displayed. for example, you have if sprite.UID=1 set anim, but elsewhere you could have the sprite animation set to be idle if its a player that isn't moving or something similar. A possible issue is also a typo with the animation name.

  • I don't know why I needed someone else to point that out...

    • but you were right - it was another foreach loop that somehow ran simultaneously, even though it was below in the hieraki...

    It works now, thanks..

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