How do I change animation do different animation every time it is hit?

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  • so, I am making a zombie shooter game and figured the best way to give the zombies a sense of health would be to make multiple animations and every time it is hit by a bullet the animation would increase to the next one and on the last animation it would destroy itself. but I can't figure out how to increase the animation by 1 each time only hard set it to one, meaning I would have to make a, if animation is this when hit then change to this one, sort of system but I want an easy thing to do this could anyone help me set it up, so it is optimized? I will continue trying and will tell you if I manage to find it out by myself, but until then please help me figure this out.


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  • Do you mean frames of one animation? Multiple animations for health seems strange but we can't see your game. If it was one animation for a health bar that changes when hit you can have an instance variable that matches the frame number of the animation and increase it by 1 when the object gets hit.

  • oh no i got it and came to say that and you had commented. danget sorry

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