Chance to spawn 2 of 10 different NPCs?

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  • Hey there :)

    I've been using Construct for about a week and thought it would be fun to make a tavern-like setting from one of my D&D campaigns. I want to experiment with randomness and behind-the-scenes dice rolls.

    So my question is, if I have 10 different sprites created (NPCs like a bartender, shady patron, barmaid, etc.) but want Construct to randomly spawn only two of them for the Player to interact with - how do I do that?

    I like the idea of each time I start a new game, there's different NPCs to talk to/things to do.

    I've gone through a lot of RPG tutorials for Construct 3 but haven't seen any pointers on this.

    Thank you!

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  • If you add all NPC sprites to a family, you can create a family instance, and a random family member will be created.

    Another option is to use Create by Name action - Create by Name choose("Barmaid","Drunk","Patron",...)

    Use "Repeat 2 times" to create two instances.

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