(Challenging!) How do I make a painting mini-game like in Mario Party?

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  • So, just to put a challenge out there for myself (and others now as well), I decided to do a very small mini-game as found in i.e. Mario Party or Wario Inc.

    I would like to have a paint roller follow my mouse (that part is easy), and then I would probably need to leave a color or to reveal parts of another layer/object. The second one seems easier with a masking option. This reveal has to follow the width of the paint roller (minus a few pixels for a convincing effect).

    Then, there must be some check to see when it's finished. I.e. ''if 100% of layer "NewPaint" is visible.

    It's quite a daunting task but I believe it should be possible within Construct. Though I don't think I can do this alone ^^

    Thank you in advance for thinking with me!

  • I think you can create on start of layout instances with the X,y,z colors you need , and when the paint roller is in touch destroy the instances and create another with the color you like , when all the first created instances are not on the screen you can reveal something

  • So you mean to cut up the layer with multiple sections basically? It's very well possible and quite easily doable, though it isn't as elegant as I would like to achieve. Nice suggestion though.

  • I did this with a tilemap:


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  • I did this with a tilemap:


    Damn I'm impressed by how well/easy this works. Thank you! Great job!

  • To show the result of my own:

    I tried to follow and recreate what you made, and I learned a lot of new things such as calling for specific tiles, using tilemap in general for things other than regular tiling, and what LoopIndex is exactly :) Thank you for all your endless effort to this community dop2000 , I hope I can be as helpful someday as well ^^ Will keep you in mind to hire you for my project as it will be at least 2 more years in development and Im sure to bump into some issues that are way more important than a mini-game.

  • No worries! Glad it worked!

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