How do I have a car able to push an object?

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  • Hey all, im trying to make a car based puzzle game and i wanna be able to have the object move in a direction at a certain speed depending on the speed of the car and the angle the car hits it at.

    I have no programming language knowledge.

    Let me break down what i wanna do.

    I wanna make a car puzzle game.

    I want a box object to be able to be pushed by the player.

    I want the box to move in the direction the car hits it at and at a slightly reduced speed of what the car hits it at.

    Changeable friction if possible.

    Additional info:

    Im using the free version. I am broke and cant buy a license atm. I might be able to after the holidays. Not sure.

    If anyone can help me out i will love you forever.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Use the Physics behaviour and make them both solid objects. The physics plugin should already have all the parameters built into it that you laid out.

  • The physics behavior treats it like a side scroller object. I'm trying to have it move in a top down environment.

    Edit: Also thats why i mentioned angle. so it can go into the direction the car pushes it at.

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