How do I capture, save, and export player data?

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  • Can Construct be programmed to save and export player data? Preferably exported as a .csv file where columns are the variables and rows are the player(s)?

    For example, I would like to know how long each player took to solve a puzzle. How long the player played the game? How many attempts at solving a puzzle before getting the final answer? Answers to quiz questions?

    Is this kind of thing possible with Construct 3? I'm considering using Construct to make training simulations. But first I need to know if getting player data exported for use in spreadsheet programs is possible.

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  • The easiest way to do this would be with an Ajax call to a php script on a website that saves it to a MySQL database.

    Construct really only has 2 ways of communicating outside of the client, Ajax and WebSockets. WebSockets could do the job as well but that requires creating a server. Having Ajax send that data to a website with a php script would be much, much easier. The php script could then stuff all of that data into a database or... append data to a .csv file if you wish.

  • You can also manually invoke downloads of text files via the browser object, formatted as you wish.

  • Thank you. Although I don't know how to do it, it seems within my grasp.

    Gathering player/user data would be the critical piece of my game-based assessments. I'll look into Ajax/php/MySQL workflow and keep the manual option in mind too.

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