Canvas and tilemap dilemma.

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  • I am using a canvas on the background tile layer with "source atop" blend to paste the foreground tiles and characters onto it and offset it so they all have a drop shadow but only on the background tile layer and parallax layers don't have it appear on them. The problem is that the canvas object seems unable to paste sections of tilemaps that aren't on screen. So if the player moves quickly enough left or right, the drop shadow on the edges of the screen is missing for a moment. How do I compensate for this?

  • If it's a limitation of DrawingCanvas, there is nothing you can do about it.

    Maybe you can add a duplicate tilemap for shadow effect? Here is a simple demo. Or use one of the "Drop shadow" addons.

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  • You gave me an idea to just make the game increase its canvas size slightly because my game is already programmed to handle different sizes of that with black bars on the side to make it visually appear still 256x224. This seems to have fixed it because the edges of the screen where the tilemap can't paste are never visible. Players likely will never notice it's been set to 262x224 or whatever I end up going with since it uses letterbox integer. As well as probably all monitors are wider than they are tall to begin with.

    I need to use drawing canvas for this because sprites like the player and enemies also cast a drop shadow.

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