Can I cantrol the timescale of FX applied to a layout?

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  • I am using the standard noise FX applied to a layout and I have a menu that when activated sets the timescale of the game to 0 and then allows various animations to run afterward so that the menu can look nice. The noise FX stops as expected when the timescale is set to 0, but I would like to keep it running because it will look much nicer. Is there a way to "restart it" somehow, or control it via events? At the moment it just freezes the noise overlay on screen, which doesn't look nice.

  • The closest I can think of is replacing the Layout effect with an overlay object with a correct transition mode and the Noise FX applied to keep the look.

    Now, here's the fun part: Effects use the global time parameter and are not affected by individual object timescale settings, so to make this work, you would have to keep your global timescale at 1.0 (so Noise still animates) and set all the other relevant objects' timescale to 0.0 (for pause)

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  • Thanks for the response, I was worried that might be the case. Not the end of the world, just wanted to see if there was a super simple workaround.

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