I can't resize the screen!

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  • Hi, it may be strange to recognize it because it is a translator.

    I am making a game using construction 2. It exports html5 and serves mobile games through web server.

    I don't want my game to be full of screens.

    I just want it to look at the rate I set.

    I don't care if there's a black spot next to the screen.

    The layout size is 1080, 1920. Also, use Letterbox scale.

    It was exported to html and was driven by a web server. It was normal.

    And I used Android phone to connect to the web server and run it. It was normal.

    But it didn't work at iOS. The screen could not be scaled down with touch, and the screen was so enlarged that the game screen could not be seen.

    Is there any way to force the screen size on iOS?

    Our company doesn't want to make a version for iOS.

    Is there any way I can adjust the layout size without adjusting it?

    Is this because of iframe?

    Ios is driving me crazy every time. If you had someone like me, would you help me once? No matter how hard I look, it doesn't come out.

    Oh, and I read the screen size tutorial more than 5 times.


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