Can't open my C3 project

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  • Greetings, everyone. It`s my first post here.

    I'm trying to learn how the logic works by looking at the Pop Lab Project and Quiz Project. I want to merge both of them.

    I don't know if it's because of something I tinkered with, but whenever I try to save to my Google Drive, there's an error.

    So I'm saving through the desktop. But when I tried to open today, it couldn't.

    I believe it's related to a function from the Pop Lab event. For some reason, it was called "Menu_Move2". I renamed to "Menu_Move" before saving the project on the editor.

    I converted the .c3p file to a zip and extracted to change a function name that was still called "Menu_Move2" on a .json.

    But now, the console says "missing file path 'project.c3proj'".

    Is there anything I can do by myself?

    There are some words written in PT-BR on the project, sorry about that.

    Here's the link

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