Can't get APK to run on phone after C3 export

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  • I am trying to build a debug APK I have my phone set on developer mode. I have followed all the instructions correctly to export using the C3 exporter but when I open the app on the phone all I get it this message very time. I've tried it on other phones and I've built another app for export to try it with that, but get the same on screen message on the phone every time. Does anyone know how I can get the APK to run correctly? Thanks

  • The apps were built using C3 on a computer then the APK transferred to the phone with USB cable. The APK installs on phone successfully, but when the app is opened the screen goes white for about 20 seconds then the "Application Error" message pops up. The main reason I have come to Construct 3 is for the app building/compiling that is built in, but I can't get it to work

  • I managed to work out the problem... Sort of.

    My computer is a Macbook running Windows 10 using Apple bootcamp software. When transferring the APK by USB cable and Google drive upload, then download to phone, none of these methods work and result in the error as shown in the screenshot above


    I opened my Capx on a Windows PC and rebuilt the APK, transferred to phone with USB cable and it works!

    Same on my chromebook, built the APK and transferred using google drive to phone and that also works.

    Ashley There must be a problem with building/compiling when using a Macbook running Windows. Hope this info is useful for ironing out bugs with Construct 3.

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  • The build is done by our server so the type of computer you use doesn't (or shouldn't, at least) affect it. It sounds more likely that the way you transferred the APK affected it. File a bug report following all the guidelines if you think there's a problem with Construct.

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