How do I get the camera to face the direction the player is looking?

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  • C3

    I was looking over the new 3D demos, they're all amazing, but one has this weird quirk - 3D First-Person Platformer, the player sprite doesn't look in the direction the sprite is moving.

    After looking at the event sheet it looks like the mouse (??) controls the direction the player sprite is looking - which seems odd. That would mean the player has to constantly go from the keyboard to the mouse then back to the keyboard - that's not ideal. The player sprite can be moving west, but looking north.

    I tried messing with a little, but I'm new to 3D and I seem to be making it much worse.

    Is there away to remove the mouse controls and get the player sprite to look in the direction it's moving automatically?

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  • That mouselook behavior allows side-to-side and circle strafing, which is important in an FPS, or what we used to call "Doom clones."

    The other C3 3D FPS example (with the pigs) uses the car behavior and might behave more like what you want, but it doesn't have a jump nor can it move beyond ground level. You'd have to add those in yourself, possibly by combining events from both of these projects.

  • bigcatrik,

    Thank you for your reply.

    It would be perfect for one of those rolling ball games if they hadn't used the mouse movement behavior, it's a waste of demo. It's to bad it can't easily be converted. Oh well, that's the way it goes.

    Thanks again.

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