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  • Ok, I give up. I've been at this for hours. I need some detailed help.

    I am using the camera to create a funky/cute background for 1 level.

    It's a maze and a ball goes through the maze. Very simple. I setup the camera to activate. That works.

    The game size is 2560 x 4352, the Viewport size is 1280 x 2176.

    I need the media (camera) to cover the Entire viewport area and/or move around the maze with the ball.

    The ball has the 'scroll to' behavior.

    I have the camera covering the entire game size, but I've tried it just over the viewport area.

    It doesn't seem to matter what I set the preferred width & preferred height.

    I set the background layer (which is the layer with the camera) to parallax 0%, 0% and 100%, 100% - neither worked.

    Please what am I doing wrong?

    I have tried several combination, but every combination I try just makes the camera a little box that doesn't cover the entire area.

    I'm so frustrated. Please help.

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  • Hi, from what I understand, your level has a large height and you want to show it integrally, that's right?

  • I only want to use the camera as a background in level 3, maybe on others from time to time, but for now only on level 3.

    I kind of figured it out, but only because I gerry-rigged it. I grabbed the handle on side and stretched it to make it huge. Now it works, but I'm thinking that gerry-rigging will cause issues in the long run. I'd rather do it right, you know.

  • I'm not sure of the result you want to achieve here, also making the camera a big object shouldn't be necessary, as the scroll behavior will track its origin only, usually a small sprite does the job, if you want to change the zoom (I believe?) you need to modify the layout scale

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