How to call a mapped function that takes parameters and that returns a value?

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  • I know how to call a mapped function according to the example project and the documentation and how to pass parameters to one, using events. But it doesn't cover how to return a value from a mapped function. I know that by using the Function.CallMapped expression, I can set the return value to a variable or use in a condition, but I don't see a way to pass parameters when calling a mapped function that way. So how can I pass parameters and set a return value when using mapped functions?

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  • Function mapping is such a cumbersome feature in C3, I never use it.

    It's much easier to call functions by name with a bit of scripting.

    Run JavaScript: 
    localVars.response = runtime.callFunction("functionName", 1, 22, 33);
  • You are right, much easier to do with scripting without function mapping, and I can actually do what I'm trying to do. Thank you, much!

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