[C3] How do I splitt walking from running?

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  • Bad question in the title but my problem looks like this...

    Keyboard -> "D" is down -> Simulate Plattform pressing right AND Play set animation to "Walk"

    (I also made an event for realeasing the button to enter the idle animation so I will just ignor it here)

    Now I want a command for running so I did this:

    Keyboard -> "D" is down AND "Shift" is down -> Set Plattform maximum speed to "100" AND set animation to "Running"

    The problem now is that my character animation frezzes at the first frame and I just slide over the ground.

    One command works fine when I dissable the other one.

    Any solution I can do here?


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  • ok I got "a" solution.

    The actual problem is that the conditions for both events are active and construct doesn't know which event to play.

    SOLUTION: If "D" is pressed, move right and play "walk-animation" BUT ONLY when "shift" isn't pressed aswell.

    Took me an hour to figure that out.

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