C3 runtime more memory usage than C2 runtime :(

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  • I'm developing a mobile game and I have all the assets created keeping in mind that the resolution does affect the memory usage. so no issue with the resolution of the assets..

    in C2 runtime my total image memory usage is ~200MB (in main game area) , after I switched to C3 runtime it is going as high as 290+MB and hence I'm unable to run the game on my phone.

    so I recreated the whole game from scratch in C3 runtime keeping everything in same place and having same assets and event sheets, when I ran the game the memory usage was few MB's higher than C2 runtime.

    but, after few launches of Construct 3 without having any changes in the project the memory again increased automatically to 290+MB :(

    I want to use C3 runtime for performance improvement that it has over C2 runtime.

    I had sent email to support regarding this issue as this is a project I'm looking forward to publish on app stores and earn some revenue, but they said me to post a bug report on github.

    people does expect direct support if they are working on a project and stuck with some issue but support team refused to give any of that :( .

    I would have posted a bug report if it wasn't a project I'm working on and didn't need immediate support as it is stopping me from further developing the game, testing if it is working properly on phones or not , also as days pass the enthusiasm is getting very low to continue working on it without knowing how to fix this damn memory usage issue. posting directly on github means people have access to my project which I don't want :) .

    the game is in it's final development phase as most of the stuff is done just have to add some sprites, events to make it fun for longer play sessions, also I do have few tweaks to optimize my game for mobile, but I can't as when I run the game on mobile it simply just crashes.

    so please help Ashley in fixing this issue. I'll provide you the project at support email with C2 runtime selected by default, just check the memory usage in that then switch to C3 runtime and see the difference.

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  • as I said I recreated the whole game in C3 runtime again, so today I switched to see what the image memory is and saw 85-90MB usage only :O whereas in C3 runtime I'm getting 290MB+ usage. even tho it is estimated memory usage, but still it is making the game unplayable as it crashes when using remote preview or testing an apk.

    Filed an Issue:


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