How do I .... get C3 to see and respond to the collisions?

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  • Again - C3 allowing sprites to go through each other. How do I get it to stop!

    Sometimes the fairy sprite goes right through the platform. Sometimes it causes a collision like it's supposed to.

    Why? Why? Why? Why does this keep happening? It doesn't seem to matter what kind of game I make, if it uses collisions it only works some of the time. I set the collision points. I even set 30 collision points - and the same thing happened!

    What do I need to do so no matter what happens, Solid is Solid and collisions matter?

    Video of sprite going through platform and not going through platform.

  • What do your movement events look like?

  • oosyrag

    Thank you for your reply.

    It's pretty basic. I pinned the fairy to a propeller (long story) on the top of its head. Every time the player taps the screen (or clicks) the fairy changes direction. I've done it without the propeller, but the fairy moves better if it's pinned to something on it's head.

  • Have you tried turning on bullet stepping?

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  • oosyrag,

    I did not think of that, thank you.

    I tried it just now and it didn't work. I even added the bullet behavior to the fairy (which doesn't need the behavior because it's pinned to the propeller) and the fairy still goes through the platforms.

    If the invisible propeller hits the platforms it does work correctly, just not the fairy.

    (The funny thing is, I'd like to have that option if the player dies more than (maybe) 10 times on a level to make it easier for the player to win the level - just not every time)

    C3 desperately needs a 'Concrete Solid' behavior and a 'Concrete Collision' option in events. So Many People make platform games using C3 and so often the game must be MacGyvered to work correctly because the solid behavior only works under certain circumstances, same with collisions.

    I have a funny feeling I'm going to need that 'off set' option, which doesn't make much sense to me, but often works.

    Off to google some more.

    Thanks again.

  • If the propeller with Bullet behavior carries the fairy, then the collision mask on the fairy does not matter. If you added any behaviors to the fairy to prevent it going through platforms - remove them, as they will only cause problems.

    You need to adjust the polygon on the propeller. Ideally make it rectangular and the same size as the fairy.

  • dop2000,

    Thank you for the reply. I think I just figure it out.

    Remember that code you gave me about 5 questions back when the scoring wouldn't trigger once? Could that be the issue?

    ("fix one bug, create 6" LOLOL)

    I did make the larger polygon box for the propeller that enclosed the entire fairy, but the fairy still went through the platforms. But once the fairy passes a certain point on the platform the platform collisions become disabled - is that why it's going through?

    Thanks again.

    EDIT: YUP! I added "spr_player.Y + 45" And that did it!

    Thank you! Works great now.

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