How do I get C3 to refresh content after receiving external data?

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  • Hi guys,

    If this question was already asked, my apologies.

    Currently at the company I work, we have connected Construct 3 to our in-house RCS chatbot.

    Now, the link between both it's working well, but I have a small issue:

    Our script updates data sent by the chatbot into our servers and then to Construct 3.

    In c3, we update the data received every tick for now for testing purposes.

    The debug text correctly displays the changes of data, but the basic inventory system I build it's not loading the item into one of the slots. Previously I had tested the Inventory system separately, so I know that works.

    I'm leaning towards the idea that somewhere I'm not parsing or converting the data properly.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Actually I found the solution. Instead of AJAX on "Value" completed, I set everything to every tick.

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