C3 messing with my Browser tabs. (Head Exploding - Blood pressure rising - kind of day.)

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  • Windows10/Chrome - the Desktop Version of C3 (and the online version)

    I have Chrome setup so that when the browser opens it reopens all the tabs from the last session.

    However now it doesn't matter if I'm using the desktop version of C3 (which is what I typically use) or the Online version of C3, Most of the time when I open Chrome - the Desktop Version of C3 opens, along with whatever I was working on in C3 - but none of my tabs open. Even If I Close C3 First Before Closing Chrome.

    🤯 I am so frustrated my head is about to explode 🤯

    If I hit CTRL+SHIFT+T several times, C3 (desktop version) will also open several more times and if I'm lucky all the tabs will open in a new browser. I haven't been lucky often. 😖 😠 (Honestly there just isn't a sufficient amount of emojis)

    Is there anything I can do to tell either C3 or Chrome - to disregard C3 - when Chrome starts?

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