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  • So I made an app that benefits most truckers who drive for a certain company and had the app working in c2 using cocoon.io.

    With how poor support has been at cocoon.io as of late, i would like to start working with c3's ability to compile apps.

    My problem: I need an ability to save a snapshot of the canvas or certain sprite to the storage of an android device. With cocoon, i used a plugin by cranberrygames but since those plugins haven't been converted over and would prefer not to use cocoon, anyone know a way of getting a snapshot to save to android?

    my tests include using browser to invoke download on snapshot taken. I can set the snapshot to a sprite in the app, so i know the snapshot is working, just not downloading to device. Any thoughts? a few hundred truckers are patiently waiting on me to get this working again. Thanks!

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  • Willing to pay via paypal or bitcoin if needed. Project is waiting on this ability. Ashley or Tom is this even possible with c3?

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