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  • Hey guys, I'm trying to integrate a leaderboard from Google Play services to my game, but first I'm struggling to connect with Google Play. If anyone has already experienced this plugin, please could you help me ? You can add Legend Arena #5805 on Discord to contact me.

    Thanks a lot in advance !

  • First tell us what the issue are.. :)

    Have you read the manual?

    (I set it up with a few games last week, it is a few things to do in the plugin and to set up in the console. But it is pretty straight forward I think)

  • Hi, thanks for your quick answer. Yeah, I already read the manual ten times haha

    So my first question is, should my game be registered in the "all applications tab" of Google Play console and published in the Google Play store for the plugin to work ?

    At this time, nothing is happening. Here is my code :

    The properties of my plugin are "639524379564" for the Application ID, and that's all. I didn't fill the Client ID as mentionned in the manual because this is for Android device.

  • you need to set up the app in google play console (both in All apps, and in Play services!). You must also link the play service to the actual app.

    Regarding your code, I have no idea what you really try to achieve there? It makes no sense to me..

  • Okay, I completed the "all app" section by adding my game, I'm waiting for the alpha to be published right now. The play service is also linked to the app with the "com.myname.mygame" url.

    Sorry about the code, I just followed the manual about Google Play plugin. Google play is supposed to launch at the start of the game, then if it has automaticaly sign in the player, it goes to the menu (layout start), and if it fails, it show a login window (set with buttonclick =1) and the player should be able to log in thanks to the button.

    I don't know if the code is correct or not, and if it was not working cause I didn't add my game to the "all applications" section. Now, I should wait for the alpha to be published before testing it again right ? If yes, were am I supposed to go to test it again ? Should I just import the apk I put in the google play console on my phone ?

  • when you have a test version you will have a test url, so you can download the test version to your phone, via google play.

    You can use the internal test channel for your testing.

    when you open the app, if google play games works fine, you will se it popping up on the app start, regardless of your code. (Your code will not work btw)

    A general tip: Try to understand how the events actually works, display things, hide them, make them visible, sub events, variables etc etc before you try to inlcude stuff like google play games! :)

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  • Okay thanks a lot for your help! Do you know approximately how long it will take before getting this link?

    About the code, as I didn't really know how the plugin was working, I tried things but I'm sure this is ugly. I'm a beginner in Construct and coding in general but my project is already done, and I understood all the things you talk about (variables, events,...)

  • Google Play Console is telling me it can take few days for my app to be published.. is it normal ?

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