How do I see what C3 file is open?

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  • I know this this dumb, I feel dumb for asking.

    But, on C3 in a browser, how do you tell what file you have open???

  • In the Properties panel if you click on project properties it will show the project name at the top. Also in the Project panel (where all your files and objects are listed) the top folder will be the name of your project.

    If you have multiple projects open, non-active ones will be greyed out.

  • Yes sir, ty. That is the name of the project. But the file? I can't find it anywhere without closing and load from location on cpu.

    On C2 the file was shown at the top of the program.

    (I usually save by the day [fileday1,2 3, etc.] just to have a backup, and without closing and reloading one really has no clue what file they are working in on the browser...that I've been able to tell. Which the other day I worked in the wrong file for most of the day, it was great :(

  • Good point. I haven't been able to find it. I update the version number when I open a project on a new day and then save it as a new file. It's an other step, but it helps keep track for me.

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  • That is interesting. The only place I could see the actual filename was when I chose to Save as > Cloud save. It shows the filename in the filename box at the bottom of the dialog.

    It would be better if the title bar said the filename instead of the name of the project. We already know the name of the project in the properties box, as calminthenight pointed out.

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