[C3 Bug?] Invoke download [wont] open in IE or Edge

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  • Hello,

    Having issues with Microsoft Edge. File Download Menu Will Not Open but Upload will.

    Invoke Download (CanvasSnapshot) as well AJAX FileChooser (FileChooser.FileURLAt(0)) will not open the File Menu.

    The only thing I get in console is: HTML1300: Navigation occurred then the packet for the item being downloaded. PNG data and JSON data (I have 2 download functions that trigger independantly, not at the same time.)

    HTML1300 "Navigation occurred" A new page was navigated to, or the current page was refreshed. This is an informational message and not an error.

    It looks like the file attempted to download. I can see the json data and png data. But the menu never opens.

    However, my "Upload File" is working and opening...

    Anyone have an idea why? Chrome, FF all work correctly.

  • I created a new blank project. Simply added both Invoke Downloads. These work correctly in Chrome/FireFox but fail to open in Microsfot Edge.


    1. Screenshot PNG

    - Result: HTML1300: Navigation occurred. PNG data in console

    - Fails to download

    2. Download Json

    - Page reloads

    - Fails to download

    C3 Events/Actions: s22.postimg.cc/agghi4tcx/C3_Save.jpg

    Looks like Download from Construct 3 is NOT supported in edge. If that is the case I will have to completely redirect users to use chrome/firefox and block IE/Edge completely. My app requires download/screenshot.

  • Not sure where the Construct (3) Bug Reports should be sent to? I only see Construct (2) Bug Forum.

    Attached Project File C3p: 1drv.ms/u/s!AnjqkTqN7TavhOY61wBt05G0Zu4yYg

    File only contains, 2 buttons 1 sprite and the actions in the screenshot above.

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  • Thanks,

    I added a ticket for the bug: github.com/Scirra/Construct-3-bugs/issues/2016

  • Turns out it is an Edge bug and the ticket is now closed.

    I did find some working examples in Edge using Javascript to capture the Canvas Element in Edge. However I am struggling to get this to work with Construct 3's Canvas Element. Main issue is I cant seem to reference the Construct 3 Canvas properly.

    var canvas = document.querySelector( 'canvas' ), c = canvas.getContext( '2d' ),

    Please see working Edge examples below:

    Working example in Edge with download prompt: eligrey.com/demos/FileSaver.js

    Another example with plain JS but requires right click save: jsfiddle.net/codepo8/V6ufG/2

    So, this is still possible just not with the Invoke Download from within Construct 3. Need to use 3rd party JavaScript.

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