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  • Good day,

    Is there an C3 Addon that works just like this C2 plugin "waker" by rexrainbow? Just porting my C2 project to C3 that I just bought and this is an important aspect to it.

    I have been using this on my game (still under development in C2) make the game STILL RUN even when tab is unfocused. My game is simulation game that heavily relies on setting a lot of random variables and I noticed that when not in tab, it stops, and so when I found out about this plugin, everything worked!

    I hope there's something similar in C3.

    Thank you so much in advance!

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  • I'd strongly advise against doing this if at all possible. It will waste the device battery, resulting in poor reviews for your app, and the browser or OS may fully suspend or kill the page anyway if it thinks it's using too many resources in the background, making it ineffective anyway.

    If you want to do something like give the user a reward depending on how long they've been away, just compare the time since they last used the app.

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