Buttons are still clickable under the video?! (((

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  • I have a layout which is a level of the game I'm currently working on. When you press a button a tutorial video pops up and plays on the full screen mode. The problem is when the video is playing the buttons under it are still clickable.

    How can I stop them from being clickable? I tried making them invisible but they're still working.


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  • Maybe you can give them another position during the video? So they are out of the layout and when the video has stopped they are back at the normal position? I have no clue, how to easily do this but it might work?

  • hi,

    condition 1 on clicked button

    condition 2 video is not visible/on screen or some secondary condition that tells the button to not do the action while video is playing.

    or you can move the button out of the screen with a toggle

    condition 1 on clicked button

    play video

    set button x to button.x=512 ?-200:512

    assuming the 512 is the original position of the button on screen if it's 120 or whatever the X position of button is just replace the 512 with that value.

    -200 is outside value i just picked you can make it anything.

    to make it come back lets say you stop the video or have a X button on video, then u do the same action on X pressed set button x to button.x=512 ?-200:512

  • Thanks! I did just that. I moved them out of layout then put them back in. I thought there may be a better option. But hey! It'll do it for now.

    Thanks, both of you guys!

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