Button Resizing Issues, please help

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  • I'm new to Construct, but have been searching without luck for an answer.

    How do I "lock" button sizes and fonts when the screen is re-sized? On full-screen, the buttons are perfect. In different window sizes, it's all over the place and looks terrible (see photos).

    I'm not sure if it's a button issue or a layout issue or what, so any help to fix this would be greatly appreciated. I was reading a bit about sprite buttons, but would rather not go down that road.

    Thank you!

  • Button object and other Form Controls in Construct are not really suited to be used in games. They have too many issues and limitations - with z-ordering, scaling, "stealing" focus.

    I suggest you make your own button with a sprite, or sprite+text or 9patch+text. It will be easier to style too, because you can load any graphics, add different animations for hover/clicked states etc.

  • I'd generally recommend using a Spritefont object rather than Text in almost all cases for games. Native text is just too varied in how it renders across different devices (slight font differences on different machines, resolution problems, etc).

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  • Thanks to both of you. This is all new to me and I thought buttons would be the easiest aspect of my game! Boy was I wrong. There's definitely a meme in this.

    I'd be interested if you knew of a good tutorial on how to create a sprite button. I'd like there to be hover state, but simple animations would be good, too. I'll be researching myself in the meantime, just wondering if there's any one you'd recommend. Thanks!

  • Just to follow-up, I did some research and ended up using Sprites + Font (in photoshop) and used them as buttons. Absolutely love it, so although it takes extra time to learn and crank each button out manually, it completely solves the problem and allows tons of customization in the future. Thanks again!

  • Glad you got it sorted out! 😎

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