How do I get my bullets to stop firing automatically

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  • So I made my bullets be able to shoot every 0.2 seconds and when I press play they fire however the problem is that it's not letting me control the bullets. As soon as I press play they just automatically start firing and won't stop. How do I fix this? Thank you.

  • You need to add a condition, like "button spacebar is down"

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  • I did that too

  • Post your project to let us investigate and see exactly how, according to the way you have setup your project, we can answer your question.

  • I did that too

    you need to put spacebar is down 1st in your condition order in same event... followed by every 0.2 if you want it to work properly

    and you also need a counter event to stop delayed miss fire.

    They should look something like bellow

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