Bullet Step Not Working for certain actions..

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  • I want to make it look like little packages are traveling through pipes to the destination. If I use bullet (without step) and the bullet speed is relatively slow, it works as expected. If I bump up the speed, sometimes the bullets miss the collision, so I tried it with Bullet Step -- but it never works at all with bullet step, I'm not sure why!

    Honestly, this method never works exactly "right" even with the bullet at lower speeds, I'd like the bullets to move moderately fast. Using bullet in this way does not seem like the best way to accomplish this. Does anyone have any recommendations on another way of creating this same look/effect?



  • What you're looking to use is 'set bullet angle of motion' instead of 'set angle'. I assume you bumped up the speed on the balls which don't have stepping. 1500 speed is good for the ballstep objects.

  • no, Set Angle is checked, so it works for OnCollision as long as its slow enough.

  • You need to make whatever collision check "on bullet step" Have a look at the bullet step laser example. It should show you what you need.

  • NetOne I did, that was my template. but for some reason changing the angle in the event doesn't work, I have no idea why, but you can destroy it.. maybe because it's moving so fast?

  • You want an object ricocheting off the interal walls of a pipe tobits destination?

    Are you using bounce off solids?

  • Sorry i cant see your demo (because work) but I tried a few things.

    I made a "pipe" from tilemap that goes around and around.

    I fired a bullet into it an an angle and....

    Using on bullet step is overlapping surface > bounce off surface

    the first few bounces are always flawless even at speeds of 10000s

    but over speed of 1700 the 5th 6h 7th plus bounces seem to fail and the bounce dosent register.

    below around 1700 though it works really well and the bullet goes around and around bouncing off the sides for ever. edit but at this speed you dont really need to use bullet stepping.

    interesting it seems stepping it should work better but maybe it cant take the constant checks for multiple consecutive bounces., I will try a few more things later.

    aside... over 1700 the speed makes difficult to track with eye, are you sure you need such a high speed??

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  • NetOne no, no bouncing..

    Click a button, and watch it send a packet to a refuse via a pipe system.

  • here you go mate, ive had too much to drink to try to explain. but yea....


    edit i only did the step one disabled the other.

  • oh! so it was Angle of Motion? weird, not sure why Angle wouldn't work when you have Bullet.Set Angle on AND it totally works with OnCollision.

    Also I like how you set position when it overlaps so it stays in the pipe.. nice touch!

    THANKS NetOne !

  • oh! so it was Angle of Motion?

    hmm, see first response on the thread...

  • > oh! so it was Angle of Motion?

    hmm, see first response on the thread...


    cant remember exactly now but there was a few issues that combined meant things wouldn't work properly (maybe even if AoM was used) but yea the main issue was non use of AoM. always listen to he knows what hes takin about....

  • actually I think I know. Set angle didn't work because Bullet's Set Angle probably doesn't happen at the "step" interval. Since normally setting an object's angle while having that checked would also set the AoM but in step mode it skips it. Another undocumented feature?

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