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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to make a setup where the main character "calls" a small group of sprites towards it when touched. I'm sure this isn't the most efficient way, but so far I have:

    The idea was that any sprite caught in the bubble's radius would move towards the main character, then stop moving. However sometimes the sprites seem to randomly move away from the main character instead - is there a more reliable way to get the sprites to move towards the main character when the bubble is overlapping them?


  • Try for each critter, is overlapping bubble. And instead of the wait and disable which might affect picking, see if you can set an invisible sprite pinned on the bubble and if any critter touches it then you can disable their bullet behaviour in that way.

  • Thanks plinkie,

    It's working much better now. The only issue is that when the critters overlap the invisible sprite and the bullet behaviour is disabled, it stays disabled (the critters were on a timer so that they moved randomly every 5 - 8 seconds); how do I get them to move again?

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  • When they touch the middle sprite and bullet behaviour is disabled, you can start a timer on them, when this timer is finished you can then reset them. This is the timer behaviour not a wait.

  • Hi plinkie,

    I must be doing something wrong with the timer setting, I've tried this but the critters won't move after overlapping the sprite:

  • This is running constantly because you have 'is overlapping'. You can do it with critter on collision with dot, so it disables and starts the timer once.

  • Many thanks, plinkie.

    Could I just ask how to get the critter sprites to always face the right way up when moving 360 degrees? The sprites face right by default but occasionally they flip upside down when they change direction.

  • Make sure 'Set Angle' on bullet behaviour is not ticked. Then they will keep the same angle even when moving in different directions.

  • Thank again, plinkie.

    I should have been more specific in the previous post - I meant to ask how to make the critter sprites face either left or right, depending on which direction they're moving in.

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