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  • Up until now when building my app I've had to build via Phonegap Build as I was using third party plugins. As of now I no longer need to use these third party plugins so can build without PGB - except I don't know how to do this.

    I have both Android Studio and XCode installed so I can build for both Android and iOS.

    Can anyone show me which export builds I need, plus which files to open in Android Studio and XCode and how to export final .apk and .ipa files?

    Thanks all

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  • Construct 3 lets you export to .apk in the export options

  • Yes I saw that - an unsigned or debug .apk

    I exported as an Android Studio project and imported it into AS then exported it as a signed release .apk - the only issue with this is it doesn’t seem to export the full range or correct icons. I think I have to edit the list of file paths to the icons to include the full list as Construct only links to a handful on export.

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